“Time Travel” to Healing


Your mind can be thought of as a time machine, instantly teleporting you back in time to the past, or into the future. When you are anywhere in your head besides NOW, you are caught in the illusion of time.

Attachments to people, places, and things can cause you to “time travel” in your mind. This attachment causes you to ‘think”, taking you out of the only time, which is NOW.


The “anniversary” of my mother’s passing was a few days ago. She left this world on March 2, 2005. Because the calendar (time) said it was March 2, my mind fell into the “trap” of re-living the day that had happened several years earlier. Being aware of this as it was happening, I was able to re-member the hurt and pain of that time and transform these emotions into healing.

They say “time heals” (whoever they are) and it does get easier with each passing year. As long as I re-live and “think” about the memories of that day, I am traveling back in time. I am bound by the emotions and feelings of that time whenever I visit there in my mind.


Past events can have a lasting effect on our emotional bodies when we hold attachments to them. There is a process that must occur in order to be free from the “trap.” Healing happens through awareness, feeling, processing, acceptance, and releasing. So yes, time does heal. When we go back there and complete the clearing process, we are no longer bound by our past. We are released from the bondages of so called time. Here we exist only NOW.

free from time

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Your Health is in YOUR Hands


Over the years, I have seen every kind of -ologist you can imagine. They all gave me a dis-ease according to their specialty. It was said I had everything from fibromyalgia to endometriosis. IBS, herniated disks and bone spurs, just to name a few. At the time, I had great health coverage, so you can imagine how many “tests” and “procedures” took place. I was given pills from A-Z. All to no avail. I picked up a nasty addiction to the pain meds, which alone could have killed me,  and went through years of this hell.

The western world of “medicine” is all about dis-ease. They tell me because my father has heart disease,  my mother had a brain hemmorhage, and two grandparents had cancer, I am more likely to have a heart attack, stroke, or cancer. Let’s look at this… If I believe this, I am setting myself up for 2 out of three of these to occur.

Based on what I’ve been told I have and what I’m likely to have, I should already be dead by now, or at least bed ridden. Today, I take no pills, see no doctors, and have no health coverage. I don’t own it! If I walk around saying I have… then guess what? I DO! Not me. I feel great! Perspective, diet, and lifestyle is the cure-all.

Medical docs have gone through the western world corporate education system, so most of them have no idea about herbal medicine. But they can tell you what kind of pills you need. Diseases don’t kill people, the drugs that are prescribed do, either from the side effects or an overdose. Cancer doesn’t kill people, chemotherapy does.


When we wake up to these facts, and begin to look at nature and herbs, we can totally prevent even a doctor visit. Our Creator gave us a cure for ALL, only to be found in nature. Pharmaceutical companies don’t make cures, they make MONEY! And people DIE.  For me, I’ll trust the resources Creator has given us and stick to natural, herbal remedies and cures. They are out there. You just have to research it. Do your homework.

Me personally, I take reishi daily. I drink coffee and tea infused with ganoderma. I also take the supplements. The properties of this “miracle herb” are healing to mind, body, and spirit. I haven’t  had a cold all winter. (see link below to order) I eat organically grown foods. We have a great organic section in our local market. I stay away from meat, especially pork and red. Exercise is great (although I’ll admit, I can be slack in that department.) Meditation works wonders for overall well-being. Spirit is a key component to over-all well being.


It’s really a balance between mind, body, and spirit. When you work at it holistically, you can achieve balance. You can feel great, look great, and radiate! I feel better than I have in years! And it’s all NATURAL!!



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Attitude of Gratitude: Affirm: I AM Grateful


Many times, we may find ourselves stuck in the negative cycle of the “I don’t haves,” or the “I wants…” When we constantly focus our energy on what we don’t have, the universe gives us more of the same. With this attitude, we will always perceive to be lacking and never have enough.


How do I break the cycle?

Make a gratitude list. Take some quiet time, and write down everything you are grateful for. This simple practice will shift your energy and focus on what you have. More than likely, you will learn that you have more to be grateful for than when you started. Refer to this list throughout the day and add to it as needed. 

Start each day with gratitude for the new day. Give thanks for your breath and for the experience of a brand new day. Give thanks for the sunshine. Smile as it’s rays dance on  your face. Take time in the morning and listen to nature. Give thanks to the birds for the beautiful song they sing. 

Use the I AM affirmation throughout the day. Say aloud, I AM Grateful for…


Once you begin to practice these and your attitude is that of deep gratitude, you will attract more in your life to be grateful for. The universe sends you abundance. Gratitude=Plentitude. Once you have mastered the concept of care and appreciation for what you have, creation serves you up more blessings. Focus on the positive, and you will attract the same. It’s universal law. 

Before you know it, your life is full, rich, and plentiful. It will no longer be a conscious effort to give thanks. It will be a whole new attitude. For that, you’re sure to be grateful! 


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Life is But a Dream…


That moment when you’re in a dream and things aren’t going quite your way. You’re experiencing fear and panic. You don’t know which way to go. Then suddenly, you remember this is your very own dream (creation) and you’re in control. From that moment until the end, you are the master of your world. Anything you see or experience is completely up to you. You are aware of this so you have fun with it.


Such is life. It is only a dream. When you are seemingly awake but unaware in daily life, you may feel that there is some force or forces outside of self causing things to happen to you and unwanted events to occur. When you experience your awakening (from the dream of life into higher consciousness) to your full potential, you know without doubt that your life is your dream. You are completely aware that you are eternal pure consciousness having a dream experience with a physical body. With this awareness, you become conscious co-creator. You and only you are causing whatever comes your way to do so in the physical realm. You are creator, the master. You are manifesting outcomes with mere thoughts. 


Wake up! You’re at the helm captain! Take charge of your life/dream and create what your heart desires. It’s all yours.

Sweet dreams. 

“merrily, merrily, merrily,merrily, life is but a dream…”

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Silencing the Mind: How to Be Present Minded to Receive Your Presence


“What are we having for dinner? How am I going to pay this bill? These people need to speed up, I have an appointment! Why did I say… Why didn’t I say…” 

With all the chatter in our heads sometimes, it’s no wonder we’re unhappy, depressed, or angry. We torment over the past and worry about the future, unknowingly robbing ourselves of the gift of the present (NOW) moment. We are manifesting our reality by the thoughts we empower.

Fact: You can not change the past. You can only learn and grow from it. You can’t worry about the future. It hasn’t happened, and it usually never turns out the way we “think”. We can, however, experience the present moment by silencing the mind.


How? Here’s a few tips that have worked for me:

BREATHE. When you feel the emotion of anger, what do you do? You stop and take a deep breath. Do you know why? This stops you from reacting and jolts you back to the present. Breath is essential in meditation for grounding and centering yourself. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stop and take slow, deep breaths. Focus only on the breathing.

BE MINDFUL. Our minds are like puppies. We ask it to sit and stay, but it has the urge to chew up your shoes, bite at your feet, tip over the laundry basket, and have an accident on the floor. You have to train your mind like a puppy. Being mindful is being aware without judgement. Tune in to what’s going on around you. Count the tiles on the floor. Take a walk and count your steps. Measure the steps you take while cooking. (1 cup flour, 2 tbs butter…) By training your mind to do what you say, you will no longer be hijacked by it. If you find your focus shifting, keep practicing, and don’t judge yourself!

MEDITATE. Take at least 20 minutes (or more!) each day for your very own quiet time. If you’re new to these techniques, I recommend using a guided meditation at first. This helped me in the beginning. I needed someone to tell me where to go. Focus on your breath, and relax your body. The idea is to move out of your head and into your heart space. Don’t be discouraged if you have random thoughts. Imagine a hand reaching into your head and taking the thought out of there. Do this anytime your head kicks in with a thought. Have patience and persevere.

PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! When you make it to the core center of your being, you will find stillness and serenity. This is the temple of your soul. Here you will experience creation. It is SO worth the work. The beauty of it is you won’t even have to “think” about it.


“You can hear the footsteps of God when silence reigns in the mind.”  ~Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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Current Happenings: We are Here NOW!!

earthWe have experienced the end of the Mayan calendar (12-21-12), the dawning of the Aquarian Age, 5th dimensional energies, and an increase in solar activity and Earth’s magnetosphere. Whether you’re coming from an ancient, spiritual, astrological, or scientific perspective we are amist  great change. Period.

The pope’s resignation and an asteroid hitting the Earth in the last few days are pivitol in this point of change we are currently experiencing.  OPPT which has foreclosed on banks and corporations, nullifying the old way and government, is here! Oh yeah, and Saturn is retrograde too! So much going on around us. Exciting indeed!


So many of us have been doing our own inner work for humanity. Well folks, the outer world is now manifesting and reflecting this. It’s all about perspective here. Those who are still resonating in 3rd dimensional energies are fearful and confused. They are experiencing the duality of “good and bad.” They are feeling intense energies in the negative polarity of their dualistic perception.  They view that the world has gone mad and there is pain and hurt everywhere. But what’s going on up there??

Those who’s vibrations are of the higher realms (5d and beyond), are experiencing excitement and joy! Moments of complete and utter bliss are becoming more frequent. There is a knowing that all is unfolding as planned. There is a feeling of oneness with all. Here, we witness humanity coming together as one, not separating and falling apart as in 3d. We observe these changes with detachment and we know, without doubts or fears, that all is well and divine.


Ride the waves! Go where they take you. Stay in the moment and let the blissful energies merge you with your higher aspects. Observe the current world events and en-joy!

I LOVE you ALL dearly!

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Sexuality: Sacred?


Most of us are told as children that it’s wrong or dirty, yet all we see is SEX! Turn on the TV (programming), and other than politics, all you see is skin, sex, and scandal. Through this, we have been programmed to experience sex solely from our lower natures. We perceive it as a physical act of self-gratification.  Many churches consider sex “sins of the flesh.”

By the time we are mature enough for an adult sexual relationship, we don’t even know what it means. Most of us are scarred and completely unaware. We expect it to be like we see on TV. We have it too much or not enough. We can pay for it, or get paid for it. Often it is misused as a control mechanism. Sex can be very physically gratifying, but this only satisfies the lower nature temporarily.


Our sex powers are a sacred gift from our beloved Creator. The only “sin” here is the misuse of these magical powers. When we learn how to master them, we can experience spirit through sex. We use our bodies/temples to connect with the divine. Wonder, magic, and pure BLISS!!  What a beautiful way to become one with self/source. Here it is not about climax and self-gratification. It is not about the physical “body.” It is about the breath and the beauty of the moment, of self, of creation. Here you open up your higher energy centers and experience more light. Your entire being is open, giving and receiving energy, to source.

As for the sharing of this with another (your partner), well, that’s a whole nother topic to be discussed later… (to be continued…)


For now, if we can shift our views of sex from body to spirit, we can begin to deprogram. We can learn to experience sex with our entire being, not just our sacral/root/physical. We no longer see sex as physical carnal pleasures, but as the divine sacred act that Creator intended for us.

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Catch and Release: Let it Go!!


“Renew, release, let go. Yesterday’s gone. There’s nothing you can do to bring it back. You can’t “should’ve” done something. You can only DO something. Renew yourself. Release that attachment. Today is a new day!”
Steve Maraboli

We sometimes find ourselves “caught up” in emotions, thought, or feeling. Our lower natures pick these energies up and often form an attachment to them, holding us in bondage and draining our energies, robbing us of the present. This may evolve from a current situation, or it can come from your past experiences, in this lifetime or others. 

For example, if you feel you have been hurt in previous relationships, you will be unable to completely move forward in the present until you acknowledge, accept, and let go of all that holds you back. You are guarded. You are fearful. You can not truly experience the new, the NOW, if you are stuck in the dream (or nightmare) of the past. If you are not present NOW, you are in a memory or a dream, which isn’t real. NOW is the only reality. It is absolutely necessary to feel hurt and pain in order to free yourself from it’s bondages.  

First re-cognize that this simply emotion or feeling that must be experienced in order to be released. It WILL not just go away. Know that it’s OK to feel it and then let it go! Don’t judge yourself! Many times, we seek something outside of self such as drugs, sex, or money, in order to numb the pain and hurt. While going through this process, remain mindful of this. For it only causes a buildup of energy and more karma, more lessons to be learned, and they WILL continue to surface in one form or another until they are learned, cleared, and released. 

Let go of any anger or resentments (fear) you may be harboring for another. You’re not hurting anyone but YOU. And there’s no way to release hurt if you are still “angry” or resentful. You are simply cycling the negative energy, which continues to manifest itself in your NOW. You are living in your self created hell, riddled with fear.  This cycle will continue until you are able to let it go. By holding on, you keep yourself from experiencing true inner peace and joy. By letting go, you are fully present NOW. You are FREE!


This releasing business, karma, is all part of the individual ascension process. We all must do our own inner work. Dense energies can not be carried with you. Lower vibrations can not exist in the higher realms. When you’re free of the “old”, you’ll be able to remain detached from perceived NOW negativity around you. The energies can’t “harm” you. You transmute it. You can witness without judgement, keeping you positive energy flow. No attachment, nothing to let go of. You are free from the bondage of your self-created hell/fears. Here, you Live and LOVE! NOW. It’s truly magical!!

Feel, detach, and let go. Breath in LOVE and breath out fear. Breath in NOW and breath out anything other than the present. 

FREE yourself! Catch and release.

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A Day of LOVE <3


Today is celebrated in our third dimension as a corporate heyday. Stores are busy, cards and candy disappearing off shelves. Florists see their biggest profits of the year on this day.

Isn’t it truly just another day? Shouldn’t we show LOVE everyday?? And do we really have to spend money on material things to show it?? Hmmmmm…

Let’s go back to LOVE, you know, the “true meaning” behind this day. It truly starts with self. When we show ourselves LOVE, we radiate these brilliant light beams to others. There is no need to buy flowers or candy. We show it with a smile, a simple act of kindness, or merely a warm loving thought. When we Love ourselves, we LOVE ALL! It’s really simple.

So today (and EVERYDAY) show LOVE by being positive, kind, and SMILE!! These acts go much further than a box of chocolates.

LOVE to ALL today and everyday!!                                                                                                                hearts
Mitzi ~<3~

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